• British Airways hack could provoke the wrath of the GDPR

    More than 380,000 customer transactions on the British Airways website were compromised by hackers which included credit card information. If it’s determined that British Airways didn’t do enough to protect consumer information, it could be facing a fine of up to 4 percent of its annual revenue (that works out to about £500 million). Read […]

  • I know your secret and have recorded you doing something naughty…

    Earlier this week, one of us received a very disturbing email. It basically said that using a malware they have recorded the individual via webcam watching an adult site. As evidence and to sound more convincing an old password of was revealed. This obviously was a sextortion scandal and we however were at ease as […]

  • It’s our Anniversary. Cheers to security.

    Although the idea of having a proper security division was lingering for long, we finally took the plunge a year back. The plan involved recognising a separate division, building a team, working on a methodology, framework for security review/audit and penetration test, documentation, keeping an audit trail, and even making a new website. On 20/06/2017 […]

  • Indian shirt company’s proactive GDPR compliance

    GDPR is affecting everyone in some form or the other, which was obvious when I received this email on the GDPR compliance process from an online shirt company in India on the 24th of May 2018 (just a day before the law comes in force). They announced they are in the process of GDPR compliance […]

  • Cookie policy, old EU directives, ICO and GDPR

    Based on two European Directives, ICO had pushed websites to warn users when they use cookies and an explicit consent was needed. The deadline was 25 May 2011. After a lot of initial confusion and last minute ugly popups appearing on some websites, ICO in 2012 agreed for implicit consent in some cases and even […]

  • Code injection found in our latest web vulnerability assessment

    Our latest web vulnerability assessment was unique not only because we had the highest findings till date (30 issues) but more because we found a code injection. While MySQL injections allow you to inject SQL commands on your database and may cause sensitive data from the database to be leaked, the code injection allows you […]

  • 25 vulnerabilities found in our latest penetration test

    Our latest penetration test was a quite tricky one! The application is huge and it took us much longer to finish the assessment than expected. Even though we had not budgeted for this we stayed committed and managed to pick up quite a few vulnerabilities. This was also the first time we included methods that […]

  • Old browsers will stop working on some https sites (Hardening Webserver SSL/TLS Protocols and Cipher)

    Whenever you connect to an https (encrypted) site, your browser and the site agree on one of the many encryption protocols available between them. Some of these protocols are old, and are now considered less secure and hence vulnerable. The only reason they were kept around is because of compatibility with old browsers, since the […]

  • Risk management and risk register for your organisation

    Risk management while sounding threatening and complicated is really very simple; you need to identify/list all the risks, prioritise them, and then find effective and economical ways to reduce these risks. This is also an important GDPR requirement. The steps needed to follow are Identifying risks: find out what could cause harm. A good group […]