It’s our Anniversary. Cheers to security.

Although the idea of having a proper security division was lingering for long, we finally took the plunge a year back.

The plan involved recognising a separate division, building a team, working on a methodology, framework for security review/audit and penetration test, documentation, keeping an audit trail, and even making a new website. On 20/06/2017 we registered the domain. And in late December we finally went official when our team was ready.

The last 6 months have been busy for our team and we got work from existing clients, and from external ones like an UNICEF organisation.

  • 7 penetration tests which revealed a total of 157 findings which we helped mitigate and close. This included a high of 33 findings in a single report. The number is an indication of our dedication, commitment, number of checks we do and procedures to help find issues
  • 5 security audits (some still ongoing), which involved us reviewing all aspects of the system, network, data flow, providers.
  • 5 GDPR related reviews where we helped closed specific issues.

We look forward to more review, finding more issues, and help secure more systems. It’s an addiction and we are loving it!