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  • Vulnerable and Outdated Components (OWASP top 10)


    OWASP (The Open Worldwide Application Security Project) is an online community that produces freely available articles, methodologies, documentation, tools, and technologies in the fields of IoT, system software and web application security.The OWASP Top 10 is a regularly updated list of some of the most critical risks in application security. Vulnerable and Outdated Components is […]

  • Guideline for preventing scams targeting employees and organizations

    Overview In recent incidents, company employees are being targeted on WhatsApp by an unknown contact posing as eg the CEO. We have ourselves faced this issue however thanks to our robust security measures, none of the employees contacted fell victim to this fraudulent attempt. Immediate reporting to the team and blocking the unknown number showcased […]

  • How Kaizen, continuous improvement, helped with a great approach to optimisation and security.

    Kaizen Continuous improvement

    The challenge?Every company/organisation has internal tasks which include organization goals, compliances, governing body requirements etc which need to be accomplished. These could be related to Finance Human Resource Documentation Security Operation Compliance Infrastructure In the mix of so many daunting challenges or issues it’s easy to get lost or push it for the future, when […]

  • Our festive offer of £1,000 discount for vulnerability / penetration test

    Years back we started our security division because we noted a gap in the market. Regulatory body expected website and web service owners to ensure various security measures including conducting annual ethical hack (vulnerability/penetration test) however the charges for these was expensive. We felt the need for many of our clients and could not find […]

  • Company / employee handbook for vision and compliance policies and procedures

    What is a company/employee handbook? A company handbook is a document which has all the key information that an employee, and others associated with the company might need for compliance and for understanding the companies vision, policy and procedures for general operations and data protection etc. It helps having a central document easily accessible by […]

  • Security Awareness Training Policy

    Purpose The purpose of this Security Awareness Training Policy is to establish guidelines and requirements for the ongoing education and training of all employees, contractors, and third-party vendors of sapnagroup regarding cybersecurity best practices and threats. This policy aims to ensure that all individuals associated with the organization are well-informed and equipped to protect sensitive […]

  • Why are surveys and acknowledgements important for an organization for process compliance? And how to use Google forms for this.

    Every organization has policies and procedures which are shared with the employees, partners, suppliers etc. In an ideal world everything will be fine, however from experience we all know things can go wrong. The management decides on the topics of a training program without checking with the staff or key players what problems employees face. […]

  • sapnagroup is migrating to a new password management system. Do you need to as well?

    password manager for businesses and teams

    Why does one need a password manager? Central system for all your passwords One password to access all the others Secure way to store passwords What should one look for in a password manager? Sync across devices if needed Backups Master key or alternative recovery option Allows creating folders Allows performing search Active support and […]

  • Data & intellectual property protection/security, wrt ChatGPT, Bard AI and other tools; What’s your company policy?

    Samsung banned the use of generative AI tools like ChatGPT by its employees after an accidental leak of sensitive internal source code by an engineer.  In January 2023, Amazon warned employees about sharing confidential information with ChatGPT after it noticed responses closely matching its existing material Major banks which include Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, […]

  • Update now! High severity flaws found in Git for Windows, patched

    The Git project released new versions to address some  of the security vulnerabilities that affect versions 2.40.0 and older. Git was patched to address to fix CVE-2023-25652, CVE-2023-29007, Windows-specific vulnerabilities: CVE-2023-25815, CVE-2023-29011, and CVE-2023-29012. The Git for Windows project released new versions including the fixes for all five of these vulnerabilities. Recommendation and workaround The […]

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