Our festive offer of £1,000 discount for vulnerability / penetration test

Years back we started our security division because we noted a gap in the market. Regulatory body expected website and web service owners to ensure various security measures including conducting annual ethical hack (vulnerability/penetration test) however the charges for these was expensive.

We felt the need for many of our clients and could not find a secure reliable cost effective solution for them and hence started our very own Sapna Security brand which oversees many security aspects.

Over the years we have helped, global tech and financial companies to simple website owners, reduce their risks, be compliant, in a cost effective way with various services including

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Security audit
  • Staff training
  • Security incident investigation
  • Risk register (Creating and managing)

In the festive spirit we offer a discount from today 21st Nov 2023 till 31st December 2023. Our normal Pentest rates start from £4,500 for a front end system. We offer a £1,000 discount and make it available for £3,500 only.

The above price is starter price for most general websites. If your service is very specific we can create a custom quote for you. The £1,000 discount will be offered on that as well. So add this to your festive shopping list!

Reach out to us at [email protected] for your security requirements or read more about us at www.sapnasecurity.com

Note: All prices above are without VAT.