sapnagroup is migrating to a new password management system. Do you need to as well?

password manager for businesses and teams

Why does one need a password manager?

  • Central system for all your passwords
  • One password to access all the others
  • Secure way to store passwords

What should one look for in a password manager?

  • Sync across devices if needed
  • Backups
  • Master key or alternative recovery option
  • Allows creating folders
  • Allows performing search
  • Active support and development, ensuring updates will be available
  • Reputable brand

What we needed as a team
Additionally as a team our core requirements were having a central, secure, shareable password management system. This week we will slowly migrate everyone to using this new system.

Some of the key features are. 

  • Central management
  • Open source
  • Desktop and app availability
  • Sync of passwords across devices
  • Backup key for individual recovery
  • Central backup for recovery
  • Ease of sharing passwords with other team members 
  • Central update of passwords

Our process
Over months our team

  • Evaluated different products and services available
  • Shortlisted and tested them
  • Discussed how the new system would fit into our requirements
  • Imported the passwords from existing to new system
  • Invited core password administrators as initial evaluation
  • Created a document for end user usage policy

Do you need one?
As an individual or a company do consider having  a secure central password management system. Below are some we recommend. Before implementing any systems please do understand the pros and cons and have backup options. Get in touch with us if you have any queries
– Bitwarden
– Passbolt
– KeePass
– Lastpass
– KeePass and variants