Incident management and reporting template

For business continuity every organization should have 2 processes/documents/plans, disaster recovery and incident management.

Incident management is exactly what the term implies, managing an incident that could lead to loss or disruption of an organizations processes.

Even a small company should have a basic incident management plan which is well communicated with all team members and clients and suppliers. Without this well documented and communicated process one runs the risk of individuals not knowing whom to inform, delays in taking actions, not having correct contact information to reach required individuals etc.

The documented process needs to include the following

  1. Create a documented incident response team with roles for each person based on the different divisions etc your company might have
  2. List these members with clear details of their responsibilities and contact information.
  3. Document the process clearly outlining what is considered an incident and what needs to be done.
  4. Ensure everyone in your company is aware of this process, knows what constitutes as an incident and whom to communicate the issue to and has access to important contact information.
  5. Have an incident report template to ensure every important incident is tracked with details like
    – Project/title
    – Report submitted on & by
    – Issue reported on & by
    – Team members involved
    – Issue description
    – What is affected
    – What caused the issue (non tech)
    – Technical cause
    – Immediate workaround (if any)
    – Steps to fix the issue
    – When was the issue introduced.
    – When was the issue resolved.
    – Any future plans for this issue.
    – Preventive Measures.

You may choose not to fill all the information if it does not apply here.
Please “download Incident management report template” if you need one.