encryptedtransfer.com is now more secure and allows file transfers

The idea for our free online tool www.encryptedtransfer.com for safely passing messages started more than 8 years back. It has been popular with our team and clients using it very regularly to send access details and passwords. Since we have started the service more than 15,000 messages were exchanged securely using the best industry standards.

Why should you use www.encryptedtransfer.com?
Encrypted transfer is not a messaging app like WhatsApp etc, but such messaging services including emails are bad for passing sensitive information. Encrypted transfer accordingly offers to fill this gap by providing a simple and free service to allow you to exchange sensitive information securely. Give it a try at www.encryptedtransfer.com

We recently did a major update

  • Upgraded to better encryption using 512 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael)
  • Upgraded to SHA512 for hashing techniques
  • Allow users to upload files along with a text message
  • Antivirus and Antimalware checks to files
  • Ethical hack (penetration test) conducted on the latest version