Debian 10

The long awaited Debian 10 (code name buster) has finally been released. It has the latest software versions and boasts of 57,703 packages. Long term support (LTS) of 5 years has been promised as well to ensure security updates are available till mid 2024!

Debian 8 LTS is till June 2020
Debian 9 LTS is till June 2022

Debian 10 basically improves stability, security, and extends your support for the next 5 years. Its like updating from windows 8 to windows 10.

For those using Debian 8 the long term support ends mid next year, hence the obvious advantage to shifting to Debian 10 is extending your server support (including security updates) for the next 5 years!

Debian 10 also comes with new packages and new versions of all software.


This new release of Debian again comes with a lot more software than its predecessor stretch; the distribution includes over 13370 new packages, for a total of over 57703 packages. Most of the software in the distribution has been updated: over 35532 software packages (this is 62% of all packages in stretch). 


For servers this means we get Apache 2.4.38, and PHP 7.3 (for those using Debian 8, its a jump from PHP 5.6)

Debian 10 is also more secure with

  • AppArmor an access control framework for restricting programs’ capabilities
  • The improved UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)
  • Secure Boot support prevents loading unsigned code

you can get more details on whats new at